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Get to Know the Types of Coffee Roasts

Types of coffee roasts
The flavor, aroma, and color of the coffee will vary depending on the type of roasting. 

Did you know there are several factors that can determine the taste and aroma of your favorite coffee? One of the most important is roasting, an art that experts may take years to perfect, but once mastered, it provides several specific flavors and qualities to your favorite drink. These characteristics will depend on the type of coffee roast and the technique of the master roaster. But how complicated can it be to roast a coffee and select a color? In fact, it’s more complicated than it seems, because each type of coffee has a specific taste, aroma, acidity, and bitterness that is given at this stage of coffee production.

Knowing the types of coffee roasts

The difference between a good roast and a ruined product is time. During this process, every minute and second counts. It’s always necessary to consider that, depending on the method used by a roaster, the changes in color and stages may take more or less time.

Once you understand these factors that influence the quality of roasting, you should also keep in mind that the coffee industry doesn’t have standardized names and phase descriptions. Each company can have its own classification, although a simple measure that is often used, is one that defines four states: light roast, medium roast, medium-dark roast, and dark roast. Within these categories, small subdivisions with small variations in color and taste can also be found.

Light Roast

This type of roasting is characterized by colors ranging from pale orange to light brown. In general, the beans that are still in this stage have a grainy flavor and retain a higher percentage of acidity, caffeine and origin flavors. In the darker roasts of this stage, the “first crack” is usually heard. From this moment on, the coffee is more suitable for consumption.

Usually, the light roast category includes light City, Half City, and Cinnamon Roasts, in which the bean is roasted until before the first crack. Also in the category is the so-called New England Roast, in which the bean is roasted until the first crack.

Medium Roast

The colors in this category are mostly light and medium brown. As with light roast, the coffee beans don’t have any oil on the surface; however, their taste is more roasted and less grainy, and they have less acidity. Also, their caffeine level has decreased slightly, flavors are more balanced and have more body.

As part of this stage, some experts usually mention the City and Breakfast Roast, and the American Roast, a very common roast throughout the United States.

Medium Dark Roast

This type of roasting has a darker color and provides a bitterer flavor to the bean. At this stage, oils begin to appear on the surface of the seeds. The coffee that this type of roasting provides has more body than it’s given by the light and medium roast.

In this category, there are the so-called Full City and Vienna Roasts, characterized for being roasted until hearing the second crack.

Dark Roast

In this category, the color of the roast is dark brown and almost black. On the surface of the coffee bean, you can see the oils. The bitter and smoky taste predominates over the original flavors, and the levels of caffeine and acidity are lower than those of the other roasts.

This state includes the so-called High, Continental, French, New Orleans, European and Espresso Roasts. A wide variety of names and roasts, don’t you think?

With this introduction to the world of roasting, you’ll be able to identify more clearly which product might be the best for you or your customers. Remember that if you want to open a business in which main product is coffee, you must know how to identify the needs and tastes of your clients in order to offer them the right type of coffee roast.

If you want to know the variety of products that the different roasts can produce, look for us on our social networks as That Coffee Roasters and discover much more about your favorite coffee!

Types of coffee roasts
If you want to get into the coffee business, you must know the best roast!

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